Catapult Terms & Conditions

  1. It is your responsibility to provide a suitable location for the activity to take place

  2. Although we accept general losses and damage to our equipment, malicious or negligent loss or damage MUST be paid for

  3. The preferred payment method is by cheque which should be made payable to “Cuddington and Sandiway Scout Group”

  4. You are required to inform the team of any members with special needs prior to the event in order for us to make the necessary provisions; failure to do so may result in individuals not being able to take part

  5. We may wish to either photograph or video the event for training or promotional purposes. If this is a problem, you must notify us in writing before the event that you do not wish photography to be used.

  6. You are expected to cover any additional expenses the team may incur to attend your event; for instance daily camper fees due at the site

  7. The catapult activity can be run in most weathers but in extreme circumstances (e.g. high winds) which cause safety issues, we reserve the right to cancel the activity

  8. The decision of the leading team member is final should they decide to permanently remove an individual from the activity

  9. The leading team member may stop the activity at any time due to emerging safety issues and the activity will remain closed until the safety issue is resolved

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