Waiting List Policy

We currently have 6 sections with approximately 18 places in each giving a maximum of 108 places at any time. High demand for these places means we have to plan carefully…

A child cannot be added to the waiting list until their 5th birthday.

Once a child joins our Group, we will do everything we can to ensure they have a place as they move up through Beavers, Cubs and then Scouts. Where necessary, we will keep a space open for a young member to move up rather than admit a new member.

When a space becomes available, we will try to contact you using the contact details you have provided. If after 3 weeks, we have received no reply, we will assume you no longer require the place and will remove you from our list. This is unfortunately necessary as many parents register with multiple groups and simply fail to respond if they get a place somewhere else first.

If you have stated a preference for a specific night, you may still be offered a space on an alternative night first. If you would rather wait for your preferred night, that’s fine – just let us know and we’ll leave you on the list. If you decide to accept the offer, please be aware that this will become your permanent place, not simply a temporary place until your initial preferred night becomes free.

We do not give preferential treatment to siblings of existing members.


As we have a pressing need for more adult help, if a parent/carer is prepared to take on a regular, uniformed role (Leader or Assistant Leader) then we are prepared to make an exception and offer a child a place in the Group as soon as the AA (Adult Application) form has been completed and processed.

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